Ladies Complete Golf Club Set

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Specially designed for intermediate to advanced players, this women complete golf club set takes you golf to a new level. This golf club set includes an alloy driver, 3# fairway wood, 4# hybrid, 6#-9# irons, pitching wedge, putter and the lightweight stand bag. Such a completed set certainly will meet all your needs. Plus, the alloy driver is designed with the large sweet spot to improve forgiveness, which also allows for fast head speed. And the irons are toe and heel weighted for the better center of gravity. Meanwhile, you can also use the pitching wedge to hit the ball over obstacles. Considering that you may take it outside, the set comes with a stand bag for convenient use. Adjustable straps help you to easily carry the bag anywhere.


Professional & Complete Golf Set: The completed golf clubs set with premium components and advanced materials perfectly meets all your needs. This set includes aluminium driver, 3# fairway wood, 4# hybrid, 6#-9# irons, pitching wedge, putter and the lightweight stand bag. Besides, three extra covers well protect the driver and fairway woods.

Premium 460cc Alloy Driver: 460cc Alloy driver offers you a large sweet spot for more forgiveness of off-center hits. Meanwhile, the driver features a more aerodynamic head shape, which allows for a high launch and longer distance and makes it easy to hit the ball away from the tee.

6#-9# Irons & Pitching Wedge: With the aim of delivering maximum accuracy, additional weight is placed on the head of irons for a better center of gravity. Certainly, it maintains the direction of the shot, also making the ball close to the target straightly. Meanwhile, with the pitching wedge, you can easily hit the ball over the obstacles and deal with various complex hitting situations.

Putter with Excellent Aiming Mechanism: Featuring very low weighting, the putter can be easily controlled for women. Meanwhile, the easy-to-use alignment offers a smooth stroke, and also keeps the putt on line and straight. Surely, the advanced toe and heel weighted design provides you with more accuracy.

Ultra Lightweight Design for Women: Ultra light golf clubs set is perfect for women. The whole golf club set only weighs 5.5kg convenient and handy to carry for outdoor use. Additionally, the stand bag is equipped with straps so you can easily carry it like a backpack. When you’re playing golf, it can be stably placed on the ground for non-slipping feet.

Colour: Pink
Material: Carbon fiber, aluminum, zinc, iron, TPR, steel
Golf stand bag length: 86cm
Driver length: 114cm
3# Fairway wood length: 107cm
4# Hybrid length: 107cm
6# Iron length: 94cm
7# Iron length: 93cm
8# Iron length: 92cm
9# Iron length: 90cm
Pitching wedge length: 89cm
Putter length: 87cm
Net weight: 5 kg

Package includes:
1 x Golf stand bag
1 x Alloy driver
1 x 3# Fairway wood
1 x 4# Hybrid
1 x 6# Iron
1 x 7# Iron
1 x 8# Iron
1 x 9# Iron
1 x Pitching wedge
1 x Putter
1 x Instruction manual


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